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Sunday, August 31, 2003
Rebuilding my laptop today. Crashed pretty bad yesterday and wouldn't even boot. I think I have rebuilt it almost 10 times this year already. This time I am going to create a setup document like
Tim Sneath mentions in his blog.

Going to put Win 2003 on it this time (again). Win 2k server is what crashed, but I did have Win 2003 on it a couple of months ago. I actually took Win 2003 off because it was crashing every week and didn't have time to figure out what driver was causing it to crash. This time I'm going to figure out why it crashes and see if I can keep it going for more than one week. Win 2003 is a lot faster and I figure, since I have a MSDN subscription - I should use it.
Saturday, August 30, 2003
Starting to get an idea of how to use blogger. Pretty neat web application, I wonder what it is written in.

I change my template, got rid of the orange header and went with something a little cleaner. Seems the problem I had setting up this blog the other night had to do with me posting the message, but not publishing it.

I also realized that there isn't a comments link on my blog (maybe because I am using the free sevice, not sure).

See if I can make my own. [Comments]
This is a post from my other blog that I made this morning and am now trying to get rid of....

Wow, just successfully got a blog setup and out on the web. I messed up the setup somehow the other night using a address (which seems to be in limbo still).

I am going to have to change the colors on this thing soon (orange is not my color - just one of the templates they provide).

Saturday morning, I am catching up on my weblog reading and thinking about the week (first week back from vacation). Labor day weekend basically means the last totally free weekend I am going to have until next year (just like last year, but different stuff).

Last year I was taking Dave Platt's .Net programming class at Harvard in the fall (homework wasn't too bad - but term project was a killer) and working my but off on a web application at work code named Titan. The class ended up ok, but Titan turned out to be a big mess. Not sure if I had any weekends that I didn't work on it last Nov and Dec.

This year I am going to be a TA for Dave Platt's new and improved (and more difficult) class Programming Microsoft .Net. It will be my first time as a TA - so it will really be interesting.

Version 2 of Titan is also starting next week. I need to come up with a new name for it this year (ie. re-brand the mess from last year).

If anyone has any ideas for a code name that sums up the hope that this year we will create something great, after a disappointing year last year, please let me know. Greg has suggested Rocky II (which is better than Titan2 which I was using).

Almost forgot to mention - this version of Titan is going to be written in C# and delivered as an ASP.Net application, so at least the technology is going to be different from last year (and more interesting) ... finally I am starting to get to use C# at work (not just a hobby any more).

On a side note, I have passed 2 of the exams needed out of 3 to get my MCAD certification (70-315 and 70-316). The one I am studying for now is 70-320 (XML web services and server components). This exam should be the most interesting out of the three due to it being all backend stuff, not UI. After looking through the study guide it looks a lot like Joe Ficara's class (which I took this spring and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to do real .net programming - even stuff you might not get to use at work if you work in an IT department like myself) .Net Systems Programming.

Back to my blog reading..

Web log setup. I like the name of this one better than, but need to test the setup on it.

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