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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
More web hosting links
On one of the free disks that came with our packages at the ASP.Net Roadshow has the following link on it for web hosting:

ASP.NET's list of web hosters.
Monday, February 23, 2004
Cheap Web Hosting
I am re-posting the following, which was posted by Johan Glozman on my interior site back in November. I needed the reminder and thought others might benefit too.

Many of us wish we had our own website, but it's always been to expensive to be worth it. Turns out, it's not so! If you want, you can have your own site with your own domain for ~$20 PER YEAR. Yes, that's TWENTY DOLLARS PER YEAR. Two martinis at a Boston club is $20. A meal at Zygomates is more than $20. But you can have a site for just that much.

Step 1: Get a domain name.

There are a few good sites. I like, where you can find the cheap domain providers. There are places that will charge you just $8/year. Whomever you go with, don't purchase anything extra from them, like hosting or emails. This service is just to register the name and forward the nameservers to your hosting provider.

Step 2: Get Hosting.

Here there are a lot of variables. Do you need a lot of space? Do you need unlimited email addresses? Do you need Windows? .NET? Go to to find the site that works best for you. I chose CheapWebHost because they have Windows hosting for just ONE DOLLAR/month. That's $12/year. Used to be hosting was $30/month; now it's $12 PER YEAR. They also have lots of nifty features that provide me with whatever I need. Other providers give you more space or different features, but you can find ultracheap hosting that fits what you need out there.

Sunday, February 22, 2004
I blogging again
I am currently listening to .Net Rocks, which in case you don't know is live (and recorded) talk shows about programming in .net put on by Carl Franklin. I think Carl is doing a great job with the show and helping to build the .net developer community. The only problem I have with listening to his show is, I find it hard to read and type while listening to the show - because my brain wants to listen to the show not do other stuff...

Like I mentioned in my last entry, I am looking for a new home for this blog. I sent an email to jjulian to get a blog on, but haven't heard back yet. I really like what Scott Watermasysk has done with the .Text blog engine. For you web developers out there, you should really check it out. Scott has posted the source code out on the web. It uses HttpHandlers all over the place. I really have to get into the code and figure it out. When I was helping Dave Platt with his class (I was a teaching assistant), I helped write the code for a homework that used an HttpHandler to get an image out of a database. Really cool stuff.

I don't exactly remember when I started reading blogs, but I know I was a little late in the game compared to a lot of the other bloggers out there. I use RSS Bandit for my aggregator. I am up to 122 feeds that I am reading. Everyone of those feeds can either be traced back to Don Box's Blog or Robert Scoble's Blog. In fact I think I found Scoble's link on Don's blog, but not sure. Since starting to read the blogs I have gotten a couple of other people at work reading some of the same blogs I do. A couple of weeks ago when Scoble was on vacation and not blogging, Ken and I were talking about how we missed Scoble's blog. We both knew he was on vacation (because we both read his blog)... the fact that we both knew he was on vacation was sort of an odd revalation. Ken and I work in an IT department downtown Boston and Scoble is on the West coast (never can tell if he is in CA or WA). It is amazing what blogs have done to create a some-what virtual and real community around the globe.

The first week of March I am planning on taking the Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, which will be my forth exam toward the MCSD. After I get the 70-229 out of the way I really need to focus on some project manager stuff, which should help with studying for the Analyizing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .Net Solutions Architectures exam.

Some blogs to watch:

Saturday, February 21, 2004
My lack of blogging (here)
I have been keeping a blog inside of the company I work for since October. I think I now have something like 170 entries in that blog, but as you can see there are only a few entries in this blog.

Why is there so few here and so many in my interior blog? It isn't due to the sensitiviy of the information I post (I'm just a developer in an IT shop and don't know any sensitive information), It is the software and the control of the hardware. Since I don't have my own web hosting (yet), I have gone cheap on this blog by using only the free services. On the intererior site I have .Text version .95 installed and am looking forward to getting .96 installed soon. .Text is soooooooo much better than what blogger provides for free, why is that??? I thought blogger was one of the first? I don't think radio is any better, even if you do pay (from what I have heard).

Comments and RSS are needed - for free! I understand if blogger wants to put a cap on how much storage (in database mostlikely) I use for text, but come on. What is a blog without providing RSS? And comments?

File storage for pictures (which would probably be stuck in the database too) and files would be cool too, I just don't want to pay for what I don't use. I am planning on looking into upgrading my blogger account, but that link doesn't seem to be working (actually a javascript off of

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